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2001-11-16 18:17:13 (UTC)

November 11, 2001 - HuaiZhi - Story From His Side

November 11, 2001
HuaiZhi - Story From His Side

Today, everyone was going back to Taiping and therefore I
am deserted in my home. Before I suffer the torment of
loneliness, I called Huai Zhi. Unfortunately, he just went
out. Nevertheless, the phone ringed soon and Huai Zhi
invited me to his house to join a party held for her
sister’s exceptional results. He arrived ten minutes later.
At his home, I just enjoyed the food and WC Loo, too came.
We talked about computers. Later, I slept while Huai Zhi
was organising games for Haui Na’s friends.

But all was nothing until dawn set in. it started with Huai
Zhi sitting in front of his house talking to his mum. I
came out to join them when the phone rang and his mum went
in to pick up the phone. He told me about his crush. Most
surprisingly is the fact that he, too wrote a poem to
commemorate this special person. He also inscribed her name
into the poem. The first letter of each line of the verse
represents each letter of her name. Mine was a little
different. My special person’s initial of her name was
encrypted into the title of my poem. I guess we are in the
same league, dude. Both our parents don’t know about it,
and totally disapprove of our ‘foolishness’.

At about 10.30 pm, Huai Zhi’s dad sent him back to his
campus. I was invited to follow and take a look at Huai
Zhi,s dorm. He promised to let me read his poem. It was
after reading this poem that I realised why he kept on
telling me that I would think he was mad after reading the
poem. The first letter of each line made up into a Malay
name! Huai Zhi, you are in a worse scenario compared to
mine. I like the girl who is x xxxx xxxxx xxxx xx. What’s
the worst it could be is the fact that I look like a 15
year old boy, which make things look like a small kid
trying to win the heart of a Gorgeous lady. But Huai Zhi is
trying to hit on a Malay girl. Ohmigawd! His parents are
definitely not going to let him go away with this if they
know about it. I have to keep this P & C. it’s all between
me and Huai Zhi, no one else.

So Jas...I know you are reading this diary. Please keep it
a secret, I beg you.