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2001-11-16 18:13:55 (UTC)

November 10, 2001 - BBQ at Arthur's & MBSOBA Portal At Its Teething Stage

November 10, 2001
BBQ at Arthur's & MBSOBA Portal At Its Teething Stage

I had a very exciting day today. After procrastinating for
about five days, I finally met up with Charlie Ng. He was
quite a big guy and he is actively participating in the
MBSOBA (Old Boys’ Association). He talked to me about the
MBSOBA portal that will link the old boys together and the
benefits I (or rather we) will get as the working team in
this IT team. It sounds exciting to me and I am deeply

Later, he took me to Ikea at 1 Utama. We need to buy
furniture to furnish to IT room in the MBSOBA building.
Spent two hours there just to look through the tables,
computer desks and chairs. Wow! It was time consuming
indeed. And with the rain outside so heavy, we were unable
to return as expected. Therefore, Charlie, Siew Kow, and
another guy decided to have tea at San Francisco Coffee.
They talked about politics, business and legal software
licenses, and motivational talks and speakers that cheats
and craps. Charlie knows a lot about these stuffs as he
always produces videos for these motivation speakers.
Motivation speakers are just people who can get people to
support them with their talks. The author of Rich Dad Poor
Dad, Robert something is now giving talks about investment
that he know nuts about! What crappers! But the 8850 guy
said that ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ is a great book that
inspires people who are climbing the corporate ladder. It
is not a book for people of my level. D’oh! Looking down on
me! Nevertheless, it was indeed a learning experience for

Just like the astrology report that mentioned what I do and
what I don’t do this year will have an impact on the next
nine years of my life! I feel that this is the thing that
will truly change my life. I think I want to go with this
thing but I must take care of my studies too. Hopefully I
will be blessed with the strength and will to hold this
responsibility and duty while maintaining my studies. It is
time I learn how to handle my life from now on!

After window shopping in Ikea, I took the LRT to Arthur’s
house for BBQ party. I reached there kind of late but not
too late. Late is better than never! Arthur’s house is
actually not too far from En Ze’s house. I took a visit to
En Ze’s house at about nine o’clock. Coming back to the BBQ
party, they had already finished the games. Siew Yin’s
group, which comprises of Pak Cheong, Ooi Jin and Mei Shing
lose the game. Punishment – eating down a piece of sausage
or meat ball that is dipped in a mixed gravy. Gravy =
chilly sauce salt thousand island many more...... I
missed the game, so I had to eat it. According to Ooi Jin,
the gravy actually tasted pretty nice! I gave him with ‘you
mad one arr?!’ face. I downed two tomato pieces with the
gravy, and true enough, it was tasty – though it tasted
kind of weird. Kian Mun took the photo of me eating right
in front of my face. Edwin was also forced to eat that
thing because he was the organiser of the game and
therefore did not participated the game.

The Cheras gang left at about 10.30 pm. I should have
followed them. Then I wouldn’t have missed the train back
home. What a pathetic fool am I.

But today will be one of the very special days that I shall
remember in years to come.