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2001-11-16 18:10:10 (UTC)

November 08, 2001 - Last day as a lower sixth former

November 08, 2001


At last, the day that I’ve been waiting for such a long

It is the last day of school. Today would be the last day
I’m a lower sixth form student. I’ll be an upper sixth
former when school reopens next year. I will be the ‘taiko’
next year!

Nothing extraordinary today, just the plain old routine of
school periods. Most of the teachers did not even turn up.
We had a fun of our live man. What a day! (Except for
biology – Majinah still wanted to teach. D’oh!) I was
having fun throughout the day.

Later we went to Kita before school even ended. Bah! Who
cares?!?! Siew Yin still lepak at school, slowly crawling
to Kita. That’s why. Come late some more lah! No place to
sit! Have to oblige by sitting at the back!

Can’t wait till the BBQ party in Atrhur’s house. I’m sure
we are going to have a great time hanging about and having
pure fun!