Yong YuanWu

My Intimate Self
2001-11-16 18:08:52 (UTC)

November 06, 2001 - Tuesday-Kita and PEKA certs(again)

November 06, 2001


Nothing special again today, I guess. Just the normal day
while life whiz past like a speeding bullet. Wai Hoe is MIA
just when I needed him to help me to print the PEKA
certificates. By the way I wasn’t free to print the certs
as I have chemistry Amali Wajib to attend and the cable
linking the television to the ATX computer was
disconnected. Tried to fix it but couldn’t do it on time
during recess. Wai Hoe wasted two & a half hours doing
nothing and printing nothing!

Amali Wajib for chemistry is as usual, all coached by
either Mr. Yee or Mr. Praga. What hypocrits we are.
Aaarrgghh...... damn boring throughout the day! Especially
those periods before recess where none of the teachers came
into class except biology.

After school, I went alone to the computer lab to find that
Wai Hoe was still there. I thought that he wanted to go
home by 2 o’clock. Nevertheless, he went back home shortly
after 2.00 pm. Therefore, I was left deserted alone in the
soulless lab. Sometimes, it is easier to work without Wai
Hoe. He always gives me pressure and problems. His over-
zealous ways are making me worry and it threatens my
position as the president. I printed 25 of those certs by
myself without any help for any one. At the same time, BOSL
was having their GM. Just right before they started their
meeting, I grabbed my bag quickly and put it in the lab.
Phew! I don’t want to see those sucking F4 faces in the
librarian meeting!

At about 3.15 pm, I went down to the canteen to have my
lunch. I didn’t expect to see anyone there more so Her, as
most of them have either been to Kita or have gone home.
There she was sitting at the end of the canteen by herself,
doing physics past year questions. My gawd, she is
finishing chapter 8 and I haven’t even intended to start. I
must finish that past year question by this coming holiday.
Cannot lose face in front of a girl! I sat in front of her
and spent half an hour eating while admiring her and
talking to her. Went back to lab to finish off the certs
until no 40. En Ze saw me working and wanted to help but I
denied. Then he left as I closed the lab at 4.25 pm to meet
Her in the canteen at 4.30 pm. I walked with her and met En
Ze buying ice cream. Reaching Kita I saw Sar, already
waiting to rush into the class. As soon as the doors opened
Sar was trying to go in through the middle left door. Tried
to look for him but to no avail. I took the other door.
Then he just appeared behind me. He had followed me after
all. I was damn happy!

Right after the tuition at 6.15 pm, Sar rushed back home to
watch SmartKids. Stupid fella. Always want to watch blur
case programmes only! I walked to the LRT station with Her.
Chia Chun whiz to the LRT station at top speed too. I
wonder why; whenever we talk, we only talk about ourselves
and our past while one just nods and says okay when the
other party says something. What I noticed is that she only
talks to me after school hours, normally when there is less
people around. Wonder whether is it she that avoids talking
to me, or is it I that avoid talking to her?? Bah! Who
cares?! Life is too short to figure out everything, and I
am just going to enjoy the moment...... admiring her
beauty, her voice and most of all..... her presence!