Yong YuanWu

My Intimate Self
2001-11-16 18:02:22 (UTC)

November 03, 2001 - Tuition Marathon

November 03, 2001:

Another Saturday. Today is tuiton day for me, man. From
8.00 am until 5.00 pm. what a hectic day and I was quite
exhausted by the end of the day.

But then I was very pleased today as I was not expecting
her to come for tuition in Kita at such a late time. She
sat behind me all the while but I didn't talk to her at
all. Neither did she try to struck up a conversation. I
guess she is shy, or maybe just trying to avoid getting
into the gossip news. Who knows, I can't read minds, right?
While walking to the bus station, I chit chat with her.
Nothing much actually but I still feel like writing it
down. I think I better take time to cool down a bit in case
I become PolarBear no.II. He is behaving like nuts nowadays
especially when there are girls around. Now I think I know
what makes a guy goes nuts - LOVE(Crush, Puppy
love,......). This is what happens when he tries to hide
his feelings, according to Sarves.

BTW, I started the marathon at 8.00 am with maths(Mr. Han).
Then I went for lunch and found Sar at school together with
Philip. Suddenly a new teacher from Muar came and ask us
about the school and the Principal. Philip gave them the
phone numbers while Sar just disappeared as usual. When
they asked how to go to Plaza Rakyat station, I ushered
them all the way there only then I go to Yakin. After
Yakin, I go to Kita at 3.00 pm. Only to find SiewYin and Ka
Boi's gang there.