Yong YuanWu

My Intimate Self
2001-11-16 17:55:33 (UTC)

October 25, 2001 - IFC 2001- Day One

October 25, 2001

Today is the day I've been waiting for a long-long time.

Morning was the launching ceremony in which the Minister of
Women and Family Developement, Dato' Shahrizat Abdul Jalil
was actually present all the while throughout the
conference. She was praised. After the third plenary
session, we, the youth volunteers took a photo with her.
She was so courteous and treated us like friends. We even
forgot to address her with the formalities.

There was one speaker from Taiwan, Dr. Huang was
exceptionally touching with the way he speak and his
gestures. I almost wept while hearing his speech.

Then there is this Buddhist speaker who is a professor at a
college. He was a very humourous person. He made the hall
filled with laughter. Everyone listening to his speech
would undoubtedly be amused by his extraordinary humour.
Never would one guess that a religion talk would ever be so
interesting and fun-filled.

At the evening, all volunteers were welcomed to the opening
dinner. I had a fun time talking to speakers and dancing
and having pure fun with the rest of the pack. Never have I
experience this before.

By the way, lunch was exceptional and we were actually
eating food served to VIPs. I ate to my heart's content in
Marche Restaurent. I sat there and talked for almost 2
hours before going back to the grand ballroom. It was
simply delicious.