Yong YuanWu

My Intimate Self
2001-11-16 17:54:38 (UTC)

October 24, 2001 - Countdown - One Day to IFC 2001 & PA Debate

October 24, 2001

Nothing much today, simply everything happening as it is.

Aaaahh.... Now I remember!
My class had a debate going on today during PA period.
Class was divided into two groups. Title was ' Peningkatan
warga tua memberi implikasi negative kepada keluarga,
masyarakat dan negera'. As the Government, it was a tough
debate for us as it was not that easy to give points.

During the discussion, almost nobody was listening to my
ideas and opinions. Even when Mun Fei and Wai Ken can talk
well and kept on giving ideas, it doesn't mean that I can't
speak well and give good and strong points! I was quite mad
and angry as they under-estimated me. Sar knew that this
was going to happen and he kept totally silent throughout
the class. I decided to discuss with him instead.

Later, it was me who started the debate with my idea of
warga tua. Wai Ken was a totally stupid today as he has
many good points that he wasted by saying it in a mild
manner and by standing on the line. Arthur Kong banged him
kao-kao later. Buat malu only, Wai Ken! I knew he was going
to screw everything up as soon as he started talking. No
concrete facts that can support himself, just some simple
ideas. Don't even know how to bend the facts and twist them
to his benefit. Bising saja cakap sendiri boleh debate
dengan power. I instead, was able to talk well and debate
with force yet smooth as silk. Giving a lot of examples and
facts that they found it hard to rebutt! Not to say that
I'm the best or I dislike Wai Ken, but these are just my
feelings at this time.

Siew Yin also rebutted me once or twice but nontheless were
unsuccessful as I managed to defend my points. Arthur had
to help though he also failed. Hahaha..... All LOSERS!

I was damn happy to know that I was able to prove to the
rest that the mask that I wear do not prove anything but a
facade of me to keep the true me from revealing and to
defend to fragile heart and sensitive emotion. They have
been seeing the other side which I wanted them to see. Hah!
Stupid fools!

I love being a redneck in the class so people get confused
that who's the real me!

Went to Renaissance today to help out. worked until 10 at
night only was I able to return home! Phew, it was indeed
tiring! I'd better get some sleep now.