Yong YuanWu

My Intimate Self
2001-11-16 17:43:16 (UTC)

October 11, 2001 -- 991 - Trip to Genting

October 11, 2001 - 6:27 p.m.

After considering long, I finally decided to write down
this eventful day in this online diary. It was after
reading The First Intimate Contact that I decide to write
it down.

It was September 7,2001 when the dio project group has
decide to go to Genting the next day to catch bugs. It was
in McD's.

September 08,2001:

We went happily to Genting by bus. Not too cold actually.
*person*, *person* and *person* reached a little while
later. We walked for almost an hour before reaching a rest
house that contains a McD's. The way back was almost a
torture. Walking back uphill was extremely exhausting. The
girls tried to hitch a ride but was very unsuccessful. Chia
chun was the one who got us a bus ride. We caught bugs that

September 09, 2001:

That night three guys were supposed to keep awake to jaga
our camp: *person* , *person* and me.

Since the girls are preparing for tomorrow, we took a quick
nap first. Later I was awakened by *person*,*person* and
*person*'s voice. I asked them about the light trap and
they told me they took it back. How could they leave
without me! Friendship konon!

Nevertheless I was already wide awake so i shifted my bed
to their side and talked with them. My head was side-by-
side with XXX's. Overjoyed is the only word to describe my
feeling at that time! We talked about our friends- Mun Fei,
Peng Yue and many more.We also talked about ourselves but i
did not reveal too much about myself. It was a really good
heart-to-heart talk. I'll never forget that night. And I
mean I shall never ever forget that night!

Later at about 0400 hours, we started to prepare things for
everyone. I went ahead making coffee for everyone with Siew
Yin. While waiting for the water to boil, we continued to
talked. She told me about their MPP. She confessed that
that many fo the girls consider Wai Ken as gentlemanly.
Well, at that time I think that it is appropriate for him
as he is truly a gentleman in his own right. But I do felt
a pain to hear these things as I personally feel that he is
a hypocrite himself saying that Shao Heng is a weirdo.
Nevertheless, these few words soothed my feelings - she
told me that I behave in a gentlemanly way too. But the
other thing she mentioned was that many girls think that i
am a bit fake( SHE WAY in mandarin ). I was quite sad to
hear that but I guess that we can't please every one.

At 0500 hours the lights went off and we started off with
our journey to Genting Skyway. It Took us a full 3 hours
for us to reach there. At 0900, I went catching bugs with
XXX. I was very happy to be with her.

We went back to the campsite at around 1430 hours. Forur
heroes-*person*, *person*, *person* & *person* stayed for
one more day to catch more bugs the next morning. The
girls, *person* , *person* and me went back to KL.