I am Pam, hear me RoArr....
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2001-11-16 16:59:39 (UTC)

I'll show you deep inside..my life..my inner workings...

heh, Man some of you ppl lead the most boring fucking lives
ever..It's wonderful..makes me feel better about myself..
In anycase..I ain't got nothin to say to you ppl..or
whatthefuckever...but this:

I miss you

it's strange for me to realize
but that is the price
I have to pay
or should I pray?

praying is not my way
I will write for you all the day
cause I'm feeling like I could cry
or to leave this sadness and die

I've never believed it's true
but I haven't received a reply from you
and I have no clue why
but please make a try

just make a sound
otherwise I'm bound
to believe it's all over with a sad ending
while poems I am sending

you are so far away
while I just need you here
sometimes it's not very clear
but without you I'm dying away