little mind farts...
2001-11-16 16:59:29 (UTC)

la la la la sitting, relaxing...

tonight i have to go to a banquet at my church. i have
to model a pink fur coat for it's fashion show. i really
really hate this! i mean i am totally against fur coats and
it makes me a hypocrite modeling them. i kind of have to
because my mom offered my services and my grandfather said
that i would do it too (he's the pastor of my church so i
kind of have to do it now.). there is a up side though! my
friend david will be there watching me (which honestly,
makes me kind of nervous because i really don't wanna fuck
up in front of him.). so he's going to save me from a night
that would have turned out to be kind of boring
otherwise. :0) thanx dave...much luv to ya sweetie!!!!!
i am kind of reluctant to get 100% personal with this
journal like i do with my other journals. I suspose that it
is because i gave the link to some of my friends and i
don't want to pour everything out to them; even though the
stuff that i have to say is not bad. it's just kind if
personal you know? i don't know...i'll get over it.
i am sitting in school right class 4th
period and i am so bored. this class is annoying to me.
it's not the work, but rather the teacher. she's cool, it's
just that sometimes she can annoy the hell out of me with
the way that she goes about teaching lessons.
i gotta go, i have an assignment.

-michelle :0)