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2001-11-16 16:22:31 (UTC)

Welcome Weekend!!!!

Finally, the weekend is here. One class to go and then
freedom!!!!!!! I like the idea of that. This weekend is
going to be a busy one too. Today Eric is coming and then
we are going to his house. From there we are going to an
Arlo Gutherie concert, then we are going to stop at Sean's
house to see him and Stacey. I cant wait I have missed
them both soooo much. Stacey is my big sister. I haven't
seen her since August when camp ended. But anyway, that is
Friday and on Saturday, Eric and I are going to see Aunt
Minnie, and the rest of the day is up to us. We will have
the place to ourselves and the only thing we have to do is
dogsit, so we have to let the dog in and out when he needs
to go. That isn't so bad. Sunday, same deal with the dog
but the Executive Director is being installed at Muhlenberg
Chapple, so we are going to that church for the service. I
am very excited to see some old and present camp staff. I
heard that there could be campers there too. That would be
awesome!!!!!! I love my campers. Last night when I was
swimming I went before then Pool was open and there was
this group of students just playing in the water with some
special education children. It looked like so much fun! I
wanted to play too in the worst way. It made me think of
camp. The kids were having so much fun that I wanted to
cry! I was so happy for them. Well I guess that is all I
have to babble about for now. Hope anyone who reads this
has a great weekend. Bye

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