2001-11-16 15:33:36 (UTC)

Rain, Snow and "Heat"

Its raining, its pouring down here in south Texas and I
love it. The air smells so nice, so pure. The wind blows,
the sky fills with beautiful, natual light which dances
across the clouds. And the rain, slow or fast pounds my
roof and window makeing a sencual rythem that one can't

Unlike some people I assoceate rain with love. To others it
may seem depressing, to me it is so beautiful. Next time
the clouds come your way remember to listen to the rain as
it falls, as it hits your roof and window. Or even just
stand out side and let it hit you. I don't think there is
a felling in the world that rivals it...well accept one.

"Oh the weither out side is fightful
But the fire is so delightful
And as long as you love me so
Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow"

I miss it...its been 8 years now that I haven't touched the
frozen, white gold that is snow. The last time was when I
was in Germany. I was 12 then and we used to have so much
fun in the snow. Snow dosen't fall here in south Texas its
too hot so we get alot of rain instead. I can't wait to
get to ben, and hopefuly it will be in wintertime. I'd
love to spend the holidays with him. Just to be with him
and share shome holiday cheer.

Oh yea, btw my tail came in. Its so beautiful. Big
black...looks just crafted for my size. I love it so much.
I may even get another one. But first I want to get my
mate one.

Well...there is something else...I might as well tell.
This is going to sound very very strange, but the panther
is in "heat". Laugh if you will (I know I am lol) but its
true. I don't know what sparked it, but I know its there.
Ben I so wish you were here with me. I'd yiff your brains
out. It happends to me...I think about one week every 2
months now. I can't explane it, don't ask me to, but I
know its there and its actualy driveing me up the wall.

Well I guess that's about it see ya'll be furry : )