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Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
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2001-11-16 14:47:54 (UTC)

Poetry of doom

Some of you have noticed that there are a lot of depressing
people out there....You may in fact be one of them..If thats
the case then CHEER UP!!!!
While wallowing in self pity, many of these depressed one
are inspired to write down their pain in prose or haiku or
diambic pentameter...whatever. Hey thats great, we all need
a vent right?
Anyways, here is my tribute to all those people who put a
little more darkness in my life with their poems.

Oh, horrid fate.
The pools of darkness cover my dead heart
Love has left me a blinded fool
Only pain remains my companion
black pain of death
sadness of love lost
I cry but no-one hears
Oh woe...horrid woe
Tears of heart blood
blackness blankets my mind
Pain retains its gruesome embrace
woe, sadness,pain
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who liked to eat chicken and pluck it
He started to dance
while unzipping his pants
the bleakness of life.....ahhhh FUCK IT!