Crazy Thoughts
2001-11-16 12:12:35 (UTC)

Volleyball Tryouts

Last night was the first of four 3 hour tryouts we have for
volleyball-I about died I was so out of shape! I was just
glad I did alright (not the best, but just okay) Each
station I went to I set little goals for my self and I
accomplished those goals and out did them by trting to keep
up with a girl that's bound for varstiy. I on the other
hand just am bound for freshman. That's all I want because
then I can be with my friends and not get crap from them if
I were on jv. My chances for be calling up for jv are 1 out
of 50, do I care-no. I'm just proud of myself that I'm
trying and hopefully will do better today than I did
yesterday. I just ate a big breakfast (my brother is making
the rest as I type) I had toast and two eggs, but only ate
one because Alex is making pancakes! yipee!
I'm really tired and got an extra hour and a half of sleep
this morning because we had a two hour delay at our school
for fog, I don't have first hour today!! yahoo!! I'm happy
that all my classes are shorten because I need to talk to
Deep Pilot (long long inside joke about this friend-that
person will go nameless for the time being-lol Crak ho)
Yea, I need to talk to them about something really
important. They were giving me a hard time while I was at
the play with em and yea, I have to give em a hard time
back (Crak ho you're a mothafuckin prevert if you thought
the thought that was not intened-hehe-if you don't know,
don't bother asking, I know Crak ho is reading this-hey
babe! lol damn bitch!) Anyways my pancakes are ready so I
must go finish my breakfast!! Wish me luck for tonight as I
endure another round of volleyball tryouts!!
love ya'll (no wonder I'm doing horrible in grammar,
besides the fact I can't write, I'm failing grammar, but
I'll save that "dramatic ordeal" for my next entry)

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