Do I get my lap dance now?
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2001-11-16 11:06:53 (UTC)

Sometimes I hope the world would disapear.

I'm sitting here in the middle of the night, minding my own
business, and the next thing I know, the theme from Fraggle
Rock pops into my head and starts blarring itself on
repeat. I don't like Fraggle Rock. I don't DESERVE this!
I watched the show maybe five times about 14 years ago, but
even then it was under extreme durress. This is so
unfair. I'm trying to drown it out with Fake I.D., but
it's a losing battle.

So this FID disc that I just got in the mail is way
crappy. It's got two other bands on it, and one makes my
ears bleed. It's so sad. I can even tolerate most rap and
R&B, but this band called Go48 is just too crappy to be
true. I had to turn it off. Probably in a decision
between listening to most rap and R&B and Go48, I'd cut my
ears off. I'd cut my ears off and flush them down the

My do can't seem to get comfortable on the futon here. She
keeps tossing and turning. Maybe I'm too loud. She's
having a ruff night. That was a pun, that was. Why don't
people use puns more often? Theyre so underrated. Sure,
they're cheesy as hell, but I think they'r fun. They're
fun when I don't say them. Maybe that's what everybody
else is thinking, too. I'll start saying puns more often.
It won't start a trend, because everyone is so uptight, but
it'll make people happy. Like the rain.

I forgot how much winter sucks for some poor sap without a
car. I've got the desire to go out, but I can't, because
the weather man is being a bitch and making it storm and
flood. I need to call Griff and make him come pick me up.
I don't think his car is water proof, though. It's water
proofer than I am, and cheaper than a cab, so I should make
him come pick me up. I should bake some cookies and then
try to make him pick me up. It'll be easier if I have
cookies to persuade him with.

Current mood: annoyed
Current tunes: Fake I.D. - Your t.v. (Which is my new favourite song,
by the way)
Current advice: Don't bug me with small talk. I really hate it.

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