DayDream Believer
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2001-11-16 10:53:00 (UTC)

Can you see angels?

I`ve made it, now all thats left is to white i essay til
Monday then a normal homework week can start!
Matt sendt me a message yesterday, he said that it would be
nice to get to know me better, it would be nice to get to
know him better to:-)
But I dont know what he mean with that, like get together?
You see, on Saturday we where kissing, we had been
drinking, I diddnt mean anything to me, I diddnt even know
the boy at that time.
So do you think that Im a slut?
Im not, I just wanted to kiss someone, pretend that it was
love for a while, Im not cheep, I would never sleep with a
guy I`ve just meet.
I cant just tell him now that all I want is friendship, how
do I manage to get in so much truble?
I dont wanna hurt anyone!!
Really, Im a nice person, I`ll do anything for my friends,
this week I`ve been going over to Samuel every morning
befor school with some cockies for him.
And if I have time this wekend Im gonna cook him his
faborite: my panecakes.
Now Im gonna go to the kantine and wach our drama class
play a not so famus play for us (I think they made it op
their self, the stoty is sick)
But it will be fun make fun of them later, hihi.
Its Friday and I need a break!!!!
This weekend Im gonna work from 08 til 16.30 so it wont be
much time to sleep.

Take care!