2001-11-16 09:06:57 (UTC)

The Rain is Back

We only had that one beautiful day. Today it's cloudy and
raining again. Most of the leaves have fallen off the trees
now, including the snowball tree which is right outside m
window, which means we'll need to rake and burn them and
also clean out the gutters.

I spent the early part of the afternoon piecing six angel
blocks and finished them all just before it was time to go
heat up the soup for the boys for their return from school
and start dinner. I've also decided to border each of the
six hearts I appliqued with different fabrics. After I
finish the hearts I want to make one of the larger blocks
with flowers and angels on it.

Sugar has spent the day sleeping next to the sliding glass
door. Spice has spent the day outdoors.

Besides piecing I accomplished very little today.