2001-11-16 07:34:59 (UTC)

november is here..no more october nights!

Alright, so, its been like a week or so. My sis came down
for the weekend, and that was pretty rockin'. We chilled
out at Main Beach after getting hot chocolate across the
street, which had some interestingly redundant music..which
I guess made my sister very impatient. Hehe, anyways,
yeah, so we talked for a good 3(?) or so hours, and did
some brother/sister bonding. yay. Um, so then...right, um,
saturday was Kat's b-day party, hooray for her! So yeah,
that was fun, there was dancing and ping pong (crushed her)
and canned..oranges? tangerines? eh, whatever, they were
good. yeah, fun night. So then, sunday, went to see
Yellowcard, which was really sweet. Electric violin in a
punk rock band. Soo awesome. (they were mandarin oranges,
says alex) Yeah, counterfeit was a rad band too. They had
Sugarcult t-shirt on the wall, that was pretty neat. So
the show owned, despite the fact that I got smashed in the
face by a shoulder by some idiot who decided to push his
friend around for fun...and only his friend. So whatever,
it was fun. Monday...I think I did nothing..yeah pretty
much. Haha, awesome. My ears were ringing all day long, I
thought I was gonna be permantely deaf or something. Oh,
yeah, went to the beach with Kat, haha, that was funny. We
got down there, and it was pretty much pitch black..well,
not really. It starts pouring like no other, and so yeah,
whatever, we ran to the mercades and chilled. Then got hot
chocolate, yay. Kinda sounds familiar to something
else...yeah, anyways, so that was monday. Pretty
interesting weekend, if I dont say so myself. Then
school...eh, got so little sleep this weekend. I'm glad
its friday tommorow, yay, but then I'm kinda sad, because
Kat is going to Big Bear to speak french all
weekend...doesn't that sound like so much fun? I know I'D
want to go. Right. Weezer is tuesday...I dunno, I'm not
too amped about it, but since I read the weezer website, I
think it'll be alright. I just hope I don't die in the
mash of people going nuts..Ah well. Mest came out with
their new cd on wed, and I wanted to get it, but I forgot.
Phooey. GC/mest/sugarcult is....in like 2 weeks...yeah!
That'll be rad. Freakin' wed. was this rehersal for that
lame-o patriotic hee-haw concert. We sounded pretty damn
bad. Hopefully we'll sound better, but I thought it was a
waste of my time. And monday, fomr like 130-9 or something,
is spent either rehersing or playing at the concert.
BLEUGH. So lame. Ah well, at least next week is short!
yessss, soooo stoked. yay for 4 day weekend! It's been
rad, I've been hanging out/talkin with Felix and D more.
They're pretty rad kids, they're like older siblings or
something. Hee, yay.