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2001-11-16 07:11:18 (UTC)

nov 15/01

I showed my studio prof my design for a pending project.
It seemed as though he dug it. I'm not sure I dig it
though. It's not really me, or at least who I think I am.
In terms of style I'm still trying to get into some kind of
groove. I'm certainly not remotely close to being in any
kind of groove right now. Sometimes I want to design
buildings that are all crazy and distracting but when I
actually try it ends up all minimal and subtle. Basically,
like every other piece of shit out there I despise. The
one thing I do know is that I'm not too big on integrating
nature with the urban landscape (basically creating rooftop
gardens and somehow incorporating the amazon rainforest in
the middle of your building). Nature is nature and urban
is urban. Sure you can contrast the two elements but when
you blend it it seems a little too Zen and New Age.
It's weird how the music I listen to affects the way I
design. When I listen to techno and shit I tend to favour
colour and vivacity. Travis and Radiohead make me think
beyond superficial issues towards balance and harmony.
Lately, my stuff looks a lot like some friends of mine,
which initially scared the hell out of me. At first I was
worried I was subconsciously copying them or something. Now
though, I think it's because I've been listening to the
same music as them. Believe me, music goes a long way in
terms of influencing how you think and act.
I'm going to try an experiment. My next project I'll
listen to Doris Day or MC Hammer or something and see what happens.
That ought to be interesting.
Okay, this diary is deadly- writing the entries take so
damn long! I end up surfing the net or something. Then
editing the stupid piece of shit takes even longer. I know
I'm supposed to keep my entries spontaneous and all but I
can't. Perhaps its vanity for the sake of the reader.
Likely its because I'm so obsessive compulsive. I can't
express myself spontaneously- it has to be perfect. No, not
perfect in terms of composition, in terms of conveying what
I feel. I guess I take the whole medium as message thing a
little too far. I'm too selfish to let anyone interpret
what I do their own way. They have to see things the way I
want them to be seen.

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