as the Oval turns
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2001-11-16 06:33:49 (UTC)


At IV tonight we had a preacher from a local church come in,
and his message was about how we need to have faith and see
God as being bigger than our circumstances. He talked about
having a revelation as a young child of where God had told
him about his destiny, and some of what he had to deal with
before really being obedience to God and allowing that dream
to be realized. So that message really hit home for me, b/c
it reminded me so much of what God has been taking me
through. God made a particular revelation in my life that
has been really challenging, in the sense that it is one of
those things that seems really impossible in the natural
realm, but all I can really stand on is faith. And I wonder
sometimes what God's point is in giving me the revelation as
it's one of those things that seems more personal and
life-changing for me than for some kind of grand-scale plan
to change the world. It's weird...I can't say what the
revelation is, but I can say that at first I wasn't exactly
feeling it, but it's grown to be something I really want to
happen. In the natural, it's kind of beyond what I can do,
and a lot of stuff is stacked up against me to the point of
impossibility. But I do know that with Jesus, it can and
will happen. It's His plan, it started with something He
wants, so it's got to happen. But beyond that, I'm walking
blindfolded holding onto Jesus' hand being led by Him. And
that's fine.

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