Nick's Journal
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2001-11-16 06:28:06 (UTC)

Why I will never again drink Mountain Dew Amp and write "Poetry" at the same time.

I am the Altoid,
I am the Surge,
Here comes your mouth watch as we make your bowels diverge.

I am the condom,
I am the contraceptive,
Unless you fuck the pope, you can't be more protected.

I am the baby powder,
I am the diaper,
Is grandpa the recipient or the wiper?

I am the frozen food aisle,
I am the t.v. dinner that sux,
Frozen pizza quadruple bypass surgery for only 375 bucks.

I am the check out attendant,
I am paraplegic and mean,
If you scan your own item again your face will kiss this
fucking machine.

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