Revalations of a hippie
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2001-11-16 06:08:07 (UTC)


Hey hey hey,
Phat albert here, if anyone over 18 exsists on this
site,hehehe I'm a snob damnit...love me. anyways I just
wanted to say that I've been reading all the diarys and am
glad I'm at least I can say I understand.....behind but not
last to some extent.. people at least you have boyfreinds
and girlfreinds, I'm socially a piriah, the only time I get
close to someone is thru mind alteration.....always ends up
badly.....hehehe but isn't is soo entertaining? Mmm my
little mini-me speaks out, justifying and explaining... my
last bf was a raver...lemme tell you right now, it was a 15
minute relationship...(sighs) too bad he was worse off then
me, told me his story, herion and speed, was like I'm soo
attracted to you in every way....not even just sexually,
but a addict (once one-always one) who still dabbles is bad
news....I mean I couldn't put anything up my nose even if I
tryed...thats soo sick, but Its too easy to be tempted, and
I let the whole thing slide....he moved to japan
anyways...married his gf who he mentioned 2 dates in.
a "ohh by the way I'm seeing somebody". enough whining I'm
really trying...keeping clean and getting my whole trip
together...soon to be traveling again, after my last year
of binges and parties I took off to bali and this year I'm
hoping, no I know I'm at least going to new orleans and
maybe peru. I desreve it....anyone coming with, lots off
roomin my baggage..extra bonus if you speak spanish..
asta la vista, :L P

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