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2001-11-16 05:55:59 (UTC)

All Talk, No Walk

Roses are Red, Violets are blue
what does it take for me to get through
your part of my life, I want you to stay
dont you know you cant keep acting that way

All you do is tear me down
cause of you God has frowned
nothing you say every seems to help me
get my life right with God, cant you see

You are all talk with God
wants me me to walk
so I am leaving you
hoping that you will come too

You are always causeing me to stumble
cause of you I got around and mumble
I dont want to live my life in sin
Ive chosen God's side he will win

I want to live my life the right way
and serve my God everyday
I want my attitude to follow christ's
but I cant do this with you in my life