Jennifer's Jottings
2001-11-16 05:42:45 (UTC)

November 14, 2001

Well, things are hectic as usual. I've been pretty busy
between work and my social life, as it is.

You know, it seems like as soon as you're not seeing
anyone, that no one wants to have anything to do with you,
but as soon as you have a boyfriend, everyone wants you.

Call me confused, but isn't this usually the case???

It's really weird this time though, because I'm not really
dating anyone. All of the sudden, when I moved to a new
area, 3 of my co-workers are all of a sudden interested.

I've been working with Josh, Eric and Sean since March.
Josh and I have had this really weird on again, off again
thing. We've gone out on Wednesday nights, done some stuff
on weekends, and it always seems like after we have our
fun, not including sex I might add, that he has someone
else that he's interested in. I'm just one of the guys
with tits. But I will say, man can that boy kiss!!!

Then there's Eric. He's older than me, not sure if he's
late twenties, or early thirties, but he's cute. Eric's
kind of a hippy type. Not usually the pretty boy preppie
guys I usually go for, but he's a complete and total
sweetheart. We laugh and joke and flirt back and forth,
but nothing has ever really come of it, because I assumed
he just wanted a friend. Interesting fact is, he's been
interested in me, but figured he didn't have a chance in
hell. Go figure!

And last, but certainly not least, there's Sean. He's a
great big teddy bear, and a great friend, but he wants
to "knock boots" if ya know what I mean. If I were
intoxicated, I'd go for it, but I'm just not really sure if
I could get into it. Hell, maybe I'm a snob.

Anyway, enough of my confusion for tonight.