The UnEven Eye
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2001-11-16 05:01:09 (UTC)

Here we go again.. Cause I'm bored..

I was sitting her and thinking.. "What if?" These are bad
times when I start thinking What if?

Here.. are some...

What if I did die in the car crash? Would I have stopped
all this rotten clasmitic thing?

What if Mariony hadn't gotten hit by a car? Where would I
be.. I would be back home.. with my father.. do what
i always wanted to do..

What if I never met Mickey? I won't even say this.. I
know the answer.. and well Its my personal answer.

What if you were to die.? I hope it to be a good painful
death.. for what damn drives... did to my Mariony. heh

Bleh.. nothing to do.. I hope Mickey gets on.. I'm
tired.. I want sleep.. Lol.. Damnit ..

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