Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
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2001-11-16 04:54:44 (UTC)

I'll Always Think You're Better Than This

Takes your hands off me
After your lips suck upon me and crush me and you fuck me

After you lay in bed with that?
Why didn't you deny him?
Instead you hit the sack

And your hands fondle me in every way imagined
Your tounge pushes against my face
But I can't call it rape
I call it a mistake
The kind that I make
By taking your sorry ass back
By faking my sorry ass glad
To tell you the truth, I was mad

Still, I let you grab and push and slam and smash
And rip open and stick in
And rub me with our physical sin
Call it what you wish
This doesn't mean I won't miss this bitterness

Don't deny me of this
Don't you dare try me
I'm denying your kiss

And I'll always come crawling back
Because I'll always think you're better than this
And frankly, I can't do it without your rush
I can't go on without your push
Don't fight the feeling, Paradise
Just hush

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