lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2001-11-16 04:37:32 (UTC)

observations on life

i was pondering many things, some of them deep, and some of
them not. nonetheless, here are a few things that pulsed
through my mind today....(by the way, i notice the "quote thing"
that the dashes do but i can't help it. lo siento)

everyone is always eager to talk about themselves. i find
that most conversations are a constant struggle to
say "this relates to me in this way..." and frankly it's a
sad thing

people joke around way too much. i point the finger at
myself on this one. but it's soo true of everyone. your
mom jokes? yeah well i know plenty of people who don't
want you to say a word about their mothers...and the
bulimia jokes? yeah those tend to get old real fast to
people who have actually known that torment

christian pirate radio extreme...pretty good stuff.
there's this song by periscope (??) on right now and it's
called's good good, talking about people who think
they've got it all figured out. amen sisters.

it's gonna be sad to be a mom. tonight (being thursday) i
made dinner and it was one of those nights where brian
complained about it and then everyone left the table for me
to do dishes and it was a struggle just to get everyone to
sit down to begin with. hmm. maybe God does this every
time i feel like it would be so great to have kids. hehe.

"boy meets girl" is a really good book. i've read it all
the way through at least 3 times, but it's still awesome.
i still read parts of it at least once a week cuz it has so
much to say not only about courtship/romance/love, but also
about spiritual things that it's really helpful in life
even though i have no significant other. yeah.

people need to stop asking me what i'm gonna do with my
life. i mean, it's the biggest time-filler question. no
one even cares. today mr carter asked where i want t go,
what i want to study, ya know...and i told him "i want to
go to biola and study theology" and he didn't even say
anything. why bother to ask if you don't care, ya know?

oh yes. and on a happy note, i had two major answers to
prayer today alone. one was really good, and the other was
the exact opposite of the answer i'd wanted, but it's an
answer nonetheless. that's always nice.