le soleil et la lune
2001-11-16 04:30:24 (UTC)

mini road trip

I am finally going to go see all of my friends in Durham
tomorrow. I really do wish that CJ could have gone, but
I'm going to have fun anyway, and I hope that all you
people have fun at the movies or whatever it is that you're
doing this weekend. I think I'm kind of bitter, but I'll
get over it. david wilson has agreed to come with me which
is kinda exciting and weird. and then saturday afternoon
we are going to a game at carolina, and then hopefully I'll
make it back in time for work. The big problem is that i
still have no where for david to stay! I think that the
thing that amanda had given me advice on is fading back
into something more acceptable. It's making me happier,
that's for sure. oh, and as a side note. I hate that
bitch brandi rogers, and if she ever comes around me
pretending to be all nice again I'm going to pull a torie
on her.