Sal Paradise

Sal Paradise
2001-11-16 04:28:23 (UTC)

This Tree

To My Beautiful Prozac.

I hate this fuckin' tree
It has too many bugs
I hate being here
When you've grown out of this
Stop growing without me
Stay down here
Why must you get bigger?
While I'm shedding tears
Plase help me calm myself
Stay here
Eliminate my fear
You know I can't do it without your company
You know that without you I am nothing
I think of you every moment and you write your novels,
books, poems....
Talk of your authors, beautiful cities, and West Hollywood
Help me out
Stop me from doubt
You're not gone but I'm alredy missing you
So close, yet so far
And as the world watches planes crash
And as the world points the finger
And as bombs explode buildings
I still hate this fuckin' tree
Because sitting under it reminds me of us chanting, "Hare,
Hare, Hare....."
And I miss you already
I'll be there when I'm steady
Have the best time
And think of me plenty

***I love you, dude***