A day in the life....
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2001-11-16 04:18:34 (UTC)

Just Dandy

Hey all..or any who read life is going rather
smoothly right now so i'm just waiting for the next fork in
the road. I'm having a great time socially, i don't think i
would be sane if i didn't have my friends. Went swing
dancing last friday and i'm gonna do it again in the dorms
this friday :o) Getting a hair cut tomorrow morning. (just
a side note) I cannont get a guy out of my mind. Not to the
point where it's driving me crazy, just to the point where
i notice. He's so sweet! He's 3 years older. Graduates in
december. GREAT dancer in my opinion. Just an all around
nice guy. I keep giving hints and flirting, but does he
notice or care? that's the one question i'd like to know.
We spent a few minutes just talking the other night while i
was waiting for my ride. We talked about baseball. lol. i
think it's funny. But it was just really nice to be able to
talk to a guy about something totally off the wall. well
not totally off the wall, but y'all know what i mean.
*sigh* i don't know. Time and prayer tells all. g'night for
now. and God bless you all!

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