2001-11-16 03:45:43 (UTC)

Deepened Desire

I feel that it's time for me to be more secure and let it go
as it goes.... if she does love me then i'll let it be and
enjoy my life... if she doesn't love me that way... then
imma still gonna live life... i don't wanna force her to do
anything i feel that one's own natural decision is
the best decisin especially knowing her natural good heart.

............. i don't know i guess i don't have much to say
right now cuz i feel so posititive about we got goin

but my family is still f*** up... i don't understand my
mom.... my brother saved up 105 dollars and seh conviscated
it cuz he was gonna get a game boii advanced... i seriously
don't understand why she still wants to control his money
even though he earned it.... waiting for bdays.... good
grades.... sigh i jsut don't understand their logic....

well imma boucne imma still drowsy from not gettin n.e sleep
from last night because of a bio test today 99