Xx P i N K y xX

This Is Me
2001-11-16 03:16:15 (UTC)

my L I F E

Dear Diary,
Hey, I'm Michelle.... I'll be writing here about my
life! I know it's so exciting, you're juss gonna have to
contain yourself. Wow, this is kindda funny... I've never
kept an online diary... this should be fun - for some
strange reason I feel like i'm on that tv show "Maybe It's
Me"... you know how the girl always writes to her journal
on the computer ;)
Well, anyways.. where should I start? Today was a
pretty busy day for me. I had a bio project due and I was
really nervous, I did it on HIV/AIDS... I hope i did okay!
Thank God that's overwith... I always get nervous when I
have to talk in front of a group of people.
FRIENDS was on tonight! It was really funny - it always
is! I love that show. I also love Dawson's Creek (i
didn't get to see it last night! ugh)Gilmore Girls ,Buffy
and TRL - those are my favorite shows.
Still wanna know more about me? I love Britney Spears,
Nsync... and pretty much all kinds of music... i love to
DANCE - it's my favorite thing! I also love to draw and
write poems ;) My favorite color is Pink, i'm close to my
family and friends, and love to laugh. Hopefully you'll
enjoy my life - sometimes I find it hard to because it's
really boring! But hey This Is Me, and this is my L I F E!

Love Always,