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Emo Violence
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2001-11-16 03:14:50 (UTC)

2 new messages

so i got 2 new messages today, that was cool, i hardly ever
get messages, anyone who reads my diary, you are welcome to
write me. anyway, enough of the ego trip. today was weird
i think, true friends came out for the worse. i saw a
misogynistic side of will and jarred that and i lost much
respect fot them, in other news, jim apologized for what
happened this evening, though it wasnt his fault, everyone
just kept talking about what joe and i did back at bainys
party, and i was getting mad. jim and i are cool, we
talked, alone time is better, than will and jarred time.

enough of that, anyway, jillin is worried about going to
the show tommrow, alone, for an hour, im worried for her
too. poor girl, i know what alone shows are like.

sleep with all the lights on
youre not so happy
youre not secure.