Blood and Chocolate
2001-11-16 03:05:28 (UTC)

glad i could help

Hey everyone
Sup ? Not much here ! I am so tired !!!!! I just got home !
I have been gone since 6:25 this morning ! ick !! I am so
pooped ! volleyball tryouts went good !! My knees hurt like
hell !!!!!!!!! omg don't get me started on my knees. Dan is
good him and I are Idk good I guess . Ummmmm I just got off
the phone with my friend who was like crying and is really
upset !!!! She needed someone to talk to and I am glad she
came to me !!! Cause thats what I am here for !!!! luv ya
hun you know who you are! She is upset cause she called her
X well he wasn't her X at the time they were separtated!
but anyways she called him and she told him she loved him
(and seriously she does and he used to feel the same way
abou her ) and he didn't say it back ! and she asked him
if he still loved her and he said no and she asked him if
he EVER did love her and he said 'yes there was a time when
i did ' !!! Ok guys I am sorry but talk about a
creap !!!!!! he , I just can't , urg ! If I were her I
would slap him !!! I am serious cause the way he treated
her was so different from the way she treated him ! She
wrote him stuff, she visited him when he was sick, she
cared for him, she loved him and still does love him , she
bought him stuff, she was a great girlfriend to him and he
didn't do much in return ! He did some stuff but not much !
Seriously ! But I hope I helped her on the phone ! She
said I did, and if I did I am glad I could Help chica! Well
I gotta bounce!