even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
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2001-11-16 02:42:51 (UTC)

keep your beer as full as mine

so... today, day like normal... only, it was really
rainy... and the day started out kinda badly.. i didn't
take a shower cause mom didn;t turn on the music when she
woke me up and i just kind of went back to sleep... so.. i
wore my ahir in braids and i was planning to wear a black
beanie, but.. i forgot it at home... sucks for me... that
made me really mad, too that i forgot it, causei was
planning on wearing it.. so.. i was mad kind of early.. so
it was raining, and we were late to school, but we're
always late to school, but today i told teh teacher that i
was late because of the rain, i was liie, we take volente
to get here.. its dangerous... there were flash floods...
so he didn't give me a tardie, which is good,c ause i got a
dhall yesterday... so.. yea school was fine, second period
we had to sit in a hall way for liek half an hour cause
tehre was an extreme weather "drill" when really, they just
said it wasa drill so we wouldnt freak out... i was with
joselin and lindsay bond, so it was ok... me and joselin
talked, which was nice, cause, we haven;t really had
joselin and katy time lately.. mayeb.. yea cause i was out
of town last weekend.. ok... so tonight... lemme put this

Oiaudh: hey
MsKarma: whats up?
Oiaudh: nothin you?
MsKarma: right, i rmemebr.. so... the other night, kelly
came and amde french fries.. here
Oiaudh: yea?
MsKarma: and brought her little deep fryer thingo
MsKarma: and she left it here so the oil cold cool down
and then shes take it home
MsKarma: so, mom was like, bl;ah.. its been 15 hours, and
kelly needs to come get her oil and take it home
MsKarma: ablah blah blah
Oiaudh: wtf.....
Oiaudh: 15 hours eh?
Oiaudh: not 13.2?
MsKarma: so today, eklyl coime over and pours the cooled
oil down the sink cause, you knwo, its veggie oil
MsKarma: won;t solidify
MsKarma: no big deal
MsKarma: in retrospect, we shoudl have poured it into a
boittle and thrown it away, but hell.. tis too late..
MsKarma: but.. so mom comes hoem today and sees teh fryer
thingo soaking int he sink and it lsike... katy...
MsKarma: waht ahppened to the oil?
MsKarma: and i wals ike, i don;lt jknwo, kelly took care
of it
MsKarma: and she was like, if it went down the sink, im
goign to be really mad
MsKarma: and i walsike, whys that?
MsKarma: its veggie oil, it won;t solidify, so she goes
up satirs to chastize kelly
Oiaudh: o-k, spastic maby
MsKarma: and kelyl and jason are tlakign or hwatever
upsatirs and shes goes up and just like, barates eklly for
ppouring the oil dowdn the sink
MsKarma: ans shes all, i specicifally told you,i made it
very clear, that the oilk does NOT go down the sink and
kelyl was like, bok tbu i-- NO im not done! she says
MsKarma: and its like, ok this is how she trweats me, and
thats ok, cause im the daughter and shes the mother, but
these are my fuckign friends... no right does she have!
Oiaudh: yea ithats messed up...
MsKarma: so she comes down after she thoughtly is rude
and ahfl to kelly and is like, katy, it old you.. not oil
down the sink and i wa sliek, well.. id ont;r emmeberand
shes liek, i made it very clear, adn iw alsike, well,
obviously not very clear since we btoh figured it was ok
MsKarma: and she was like, don;t pour the opil down teh
sink, can it get any clearer?
MsKarma: she said that liek 8 times and its liek shut the
hell up..
MsKarma: and kelyl left and mom was like, you dont; have
to go...
MsKarma: abnd its like, why the fuck woiuld she want to
saty, yors pshyco!
MsKarma: ahhh...
Oiaudh: gahhhh

see how fun it is to live at my house?