Blind Insight
2001-11-16 02:36:36 (UTC)

Should Have Been Someone Else

Finally decided to get one (Diary that is)...place to vent
and share....well here is the reason:

Sweet Cakes almost died. I just found out today. Might be
why I had been thinking "Where's Sweet Cakes??" all week. I
feel so worried and anrgy. The nerve of the person saying
it's all her fault. I was thinking if I mashed his legs
with a baseball bat he'd take it back. I'm sure that isn't
very legal, and I don't think Sweet Cakes would approve. So
mad though. He/she could have killed her. She almost DIED!
She 'should have been killed,' it apparently everyone's
phrase. I disagree. She shouldn't have been killed. She
should have not been in the accident at all. She should be
perfectly fine only worrying about smaller things like 'How
do I tell ***** I like him??' She shouldn't be hurt. She
may not wish it on anyone else, but I do. I wish it
happened to someone else and not her, and her friend. I
cringe and feel ashamed while thinking and typing it but
it's true. It should have been someone else. She's so
beautiful and precious. Lucky. She says someone was
watching out for her. I agree. maybe there is a god after
all. maybe it was just luck. But people say there is no
such thing as luck too...what to believe? I'm thankful
she's 'ok.'