thouhgts of Sam
2001-11-16 02:16:30 (UTC)

So I'm home now

Hey there I made it home safely, after all the drama and
terrible storm. But no worries I'm safe and have all of my
limbs still. But today was interesting. I mean it is
still kinda storming outside and stuff but its not half as
bad as it was earlier. I dont know I hope it's over before
tomorrow. I think I am gonna go to katys house tomorrow,
and thank god I dont have to work. I have to study for some
chemisty quiz I have to make up, and aum has to get to
school early too. So far that's the bad thing about
tomorrow. I am so ready for tomorrow night. I dont know
what we are going to do but I know I'll have some fun. I
feel tired but I dont think I will be able to sleep
tonight. I am really getting worried about the whole
nightmare thing. It is kinda becoming a neunce. I mean I
cant get any sleep and it's starting to effect me. I hope
that tongight I can get some sleep I mean I am beginning to
get bored. I cant really do anything, I mean I cant watch
T.V. I cant get on the net and I cant play ps2 cause josh
is a jack ass but I dont dont this is kinda weird. I just
noticed how many "I's" there are but that's it for now..I
am gonna go call joselin and bury myself in conversation.