2001-11-16 02:14:37 (UTC)


Ywa, so yesterday was pretty damn bad! yesterday i went
shoppin wit my friend tania and the last place we went to
was wally world, and we went in2 the make*up part, and she
took sum make*up and went to give it to her mom, and she
gave me 4 things 2 hold for her, she was like dont give
this shit to my mom, and i was like aight, so then she went
and gave the shit to her mom, and she came back and she was
like aight gimme back my shit, so i gave it to her, and i
had one thing of lip gloss in my hand that i was just
lookin at, so we started walkin, and she stole the shit! I
was like what the fuck do u think ur doin? so since i was
wit her, when she got caught, i got in trouble too. Cuz i
opened up a package and i put the item back in there, but i
guess that i *damaged property* and how screwed up is
this...Tania didnt even get in NE trouble, only I did!
WTF!?!? But neither one of us is allowed back in2 NE
Wal*Mart or Sam*s Club til we*re 18! WTF?!? I jsut don*t
understand how i got in2 all of this! Well, I*m grounded
for one month now, but that ain*t that bad, so I*m not
gunna push my luck tryin to get less time! Well, i gots to
go! Luv ya!