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Life Is Good (well...usually)
2001-03-25 23:06:36 (UTC)

Dear God, Thank you for today,..

Dear God,
Thank you for today, as I always say. Another day just
to be alive. Thank you for my friend Monica and how you
have encouraged me by her. Thank you for my family, and
for how you have helped me to have friends and be a much
more outgoing person than I used to be. Thank you for
helping me to change my ways, and stop using drugs and
sleeping around and stealing.
God I pray that you will help Monica's parents to like
the church, and to be open-minded about it. They were
there today and acted pretty cold. I know her mom thinks
it's a cult, but you know it is not God. So please help
Monica to deal with her parents and her husband. Help her
want to please you more than she wants to please her
family. Please help her be brave and strong and stand up
for what she believes. Help her to believe 100% and help
her to have the conviction to put you first.
God please help Grandma to sell her house for a great
price, and help her find a great house here in Bloomington,
IL really soon. And please have her keep coming to church
with me. I really want her to learn the truth.
Please help James find the perfect job. God help us
persevere in our search, and help us be faithful and
patient if need be. Please help us find work that we
actually like a whole lot, even love. Thank you for James
being such a hard worker. Help him to be confident and see
all the great qualities he does have. Please help him to
even continue his education if he needs to. God also
please help me to figure out what I want to do and should
do. Please help me get a quick response from ISU. The
thought of getting a teacher certification seems really
neat, and I think I'd like to teach high school social
studies. I want to do something I actually have passion
for. And I love teenagers God, you know that. I'd be a
good teacher. I would care. I'd have fun. I could even
be creative, and I like that a lot. Please expand our
Maybe all this time you've been leading me to see what
I really want, and put me through what I needed to be put
through in order to be better. God I want money, but I
can't say I really desire to do sales. It is not something
I think I'd love. I care about teenagers and I want to
help them make it in the real world. I like teaching kids
from my own experience. And if I like something, I'm sure
I would be good at it.
God please also keep James safe, and all my family.
Help me to be brave and say what I need to say when I need
to say something. God please help us stay close to our
families and see our families often. I also thank you for
Shellie and the chance to hang with her today. I pray that
I will hang with my friends more often. Please help
Shellie to overcome her depression and help her in her
career endevors (however you spell that).
God please help us to stay close to you and have
conviction about the importance of praying to you daily,
and reading the Bible daily. Please help me to discipline
myself more, and not be so distracted. God please help
James and I help each other spiritually more, and thank you
for how he has been helping me lately. God please help him
to keep studying the Bible with Ben and Tim, and I pray
that just goes great. This is really exciting God.
Please help the church to do better with sharing the
gospel with others. Help us be better teachers, and have
more zeal and love, and encourage us to work harder. God
please help us to remember that you are most important.
God please keep Nick and Dee with us. Help the Peoria
church to get off to a great start, and help everyone in
their transition. God please bring Telly back, and keep
others strong God. I can't even believe how people can
just walk away from you God. That is real scary. God
please help us make sure we help those who are spiritually
weak. Help me to encourage them.
I also pray God that you will forgive my sins. And all
of our sins. I want to change and love the lost more. I
want to obey you God. Please forgive me when I lack
concern and when I rebel. I need to change. Please help
me to not boss James around. Please help me to be kind and
encouraging, and help me to hold my tongue. Help me to be
gentle when I speak. Please forgive my sin of rudeness and
anger. Please forgive me for my laziness also. Help me to
confess my sins to others more God. I need the help. I
need to do that, and often I don't even think of it.
Please help me to be tolerant and to not be so angry and
resentful. I'm sorry. But help me to hate my sin even
more and to be more sorrowful about sin, instead of
like, "oh well."
God I just pray for a great rest of the day. Bless my
time with Shellie. May we just have a great time and keep
hanging out. She needs me. I pray that she can go to
Peoria and find work there.
God keep me in your hands and never let me go no matter
what. No matter what you have to do to me, do it, to keep
me faithful to you. Help me to remember that you work all
things out for the good of those who love you, and that you
are there, and you do care. Help us all to see you for who
you really are God, and to worship you as you should be
worshiped. You are a god worthy of praise. Thank you for
your love and for all you have done for me, and for who you

In the name of your son Jesus, thank you for him, and for
saving us.