Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2001-11-16 01:55:18 (UTC)

At least todays been intresting?

Fred called. A big WHATEVER. Dad sent me an email. Ill
let you all read it, cuz i know your just DYING to hear
it. *notice the sarcasm* No, Im not angry... Just a
little, well, its all up to God, thats all I gotta say.

Hi thank you for your email.
I love you Tricia. The timing of this
may not be good for you but I wanted
to be the one to tell you. I talked to
Pastor last nite and well he moved me to
maryland then and there and then set
the wedding date for this Sunday.
I am excited..finally.. yes.. finally
God has decided to move and get
things squared away.
I would love it if you were there. You are
more than welcome to come...but
I know and realize that with such short notice you
most likely cant ..that and I am guessing that you really
dont want to..thats ok....cause
I love you Tricia..and I miss you lots

Hey daddy, you bet your butt I would LOVE to be there. I
would LOVE to tell my story to that whole congregation.
But you know waht, Im better than that. Someone once said,
there is no such thing as an innocent bystander. Bystander
I may be, I leave it to God, cuz you knwo what? Hes got it
all figured out. I may be like, waht in the...?! But HE
knows. He knows. Just repeat that... My poor ashley
cried. This is one of those times its nice to have a
calloused heart. Yeah, some day Ill cry, when I actually
realize wahts going on, or admit it. Poor amanda. That
poor girl. God, protect her. This is in His plan... oh
lord, the craps gunna hit the roof when mom finds out... oh
gosh, how can i tell her??? Ashley leaves tomorrow
morning... maybe lisa will. Does she know? Wheres muffin
when I need him?! I dont think lisa knows.

Anyways, Fred. Wait no, I dont even wanna THINK about
that. He told me Tiff ripped up my pic when they were
going out. Grrs. Oh well. I dont care. :)

Anyhoo.... where doth my man be?

Ahh! My foot is sleeping!

Anyho, I love my matt, and will and mary and val, and