2001-11-16 01:53:18 (UTC)

i hate everything

So I finally asked my friend who I lent 40 dollars too last
month for my money b/c im so broke and she gives me 20.
Wish I had the nerve to tell her to gimmie the rest of my
fucking money b/c I need it. I called a ton of places
today trying to find the best price on a Playstation2 and
it looks like I'm gonna be spending 300 on it, if I can
come up with that. But I will, somehow I really wanna give
it to Jimi for christmas because I know how bad he wants
one. So I got the bright idea that I could put it on a
WalMart credit card, too bad I was denied. Ahh, oh well.
I went to the CD warehouse to cell all the cd's I own
today and I can't sell them until I get a new Drivers
License. Well if some fuck didnt steal my wallet I wouldnt
be trying to sell cds to get money for a new DL would I?
fuckers. I have like 50 or more cd's I bet I get 20 dollars
for all of them oh well. I can put a PS2 on layaway with
30 so maybe Ill be able to get it in time for christmas
after all. I hope so. Well im out.