Valkyrie of Velois

The Days of Deaths
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2001-11-16 01:50:24 (UTC)

Rankings II

Rank #1 equals my best match

# 1 James T. Kirk
# 2 Jean-Luc Picard
# 3 Kathryn Janeway
# 4 Benjamin Sisko

Rank #1 equals my best king match

# 1
Stephen (1135-54) - usurper of the
throne from its rightful heir,
Empress Matilda. A brave but
imprudent king, he fought a civil
war, but had to come to agreement
with Matilda's son, the future
Henry II. He died of a surfeit of
cider (I think) but what a way to
go, huh?
# 2
William the Conqueror (1066-87)
- first Norman king of England,
defeater of the Saxons and bringer
of the Domesday Book. Died after
falling off his horse while trying
to burn the town of Mantes to the
# 3
Henry V (1413-22) - young, brave,
strong, noble ... he beat the
French at Agincourt, then managed
to catch dysentry and die.
# 4
Richard the Lionheart (1189-99) -
Crusader king who lost to the
Turks. Made famous by the Robin
Hood myth. Died after being shot
by an archer while besieging the
French town of Chalus
# 5
Alfred the Great (871-899) - Saxon
hero who repelled the Danes from
the south of England. He was also
well educated and set up schools,
but his military achievements are
better remembered. Died of old
# 6
Edward II (1307-27) - a weak king,
ruled by his male lovers and
eventally killed by his wife,
Isabella, with a red hot poker.
# 7
Richard II (1377-99) as a child
defused the Peasant's Revolt, but
became tyrranical and enraged the
nobles. Dethroned by the Duke
of Lancaster and was starved to
death in prison.
# 8
Richard III (1483-85) - portrayed
as evil and hunchbacked by
Shakespeare and also accused of
killing his little nephews to
become king. Died at the Battle of
Bosworth in 1485.
# 9
Edward the Confessor (1042-1066) -
pious butweak king who was
ineffective and let his nobles
rule for him. Gentle, kind, but
useless. Another one who died of
old age.
# 10
Henry II (1154-89) - strong king
with a hot temper who ruled
England and most of France. Died
in bed, boringly enough.