The woes of a teenage world.
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2001-11-16 01:29:48 (UTC)

Tee is finally finished

Well the TEE is over and now im on holiday's for the rest
of the year!! I'll tell you something, IT FEEL'S GREAT!!!!!
Tonight im going out to freo with all my mates to have a
good time and to celebrate our new freedom. I hope that we
have a good time, because we all haven't been out together
for a long time. It's strange because we used to go out
together all the time, that was before John went back to
england and Michael started being an arrogant pig (he was
only like this because he got majorly burnt by a girl that
he was hung up on for ages!), Anyway theres no excuse for
the way he treated everyone, especially Pipers brother Tay.
It's a long story so im not really going to get into it.

Today im going to go to freo with my cousin amy who i dont
really see much of. She's just got a new car!! Well were
going for waffles, but ill have to order mine without maple
syrup cos mayple syrup makes me feel ill. Its all very

So schools finished and next year im hoping to go to uni
and do nursing. I hope i do get into uni so that my parents
don't crack a shit with me!! Once i become a nurse i hope
to work around the world, cos apparently i can do that,
which would be good. Getting paid to see the world sounds
really super!! I only hope that ive chosen a career that im
going to enjoy. Its just u never know until you actually do
it, so next year ill find out won't i.

I have to go get ready to go out now so ill write about
tonight in my next entry...
Will it be a success or not?

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