Life isnt what its cracked up to be.
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2001-11-16 01:17:10 (UTC)

Will I ever get my best friend back?

Recently, Me and my was best friend had gotten into a
fight, everything changed, and now we are starting to talk,
but im not sure if she still likes me, what she said to me
really hurt, like when she told me that she just didnt like
me like she used to, many times after when she said that
ive thought it was all my fault,i was thinking i got to
dull or not fun to hang out with anymore, i just recently
talked to her about what i felt,and she said i was fun, of
course, but i dont know if she really means it, or she
doesnt want to hurt my feelings she has admitted she was
actin like an idiot the way she as acting, and saying all
those hurtful things, i want to be her friend again, but im
not sure if she will diss me again, and im afraid to become
friends with her, due to that. Well enough about my boring
life so far, Ill do an introduction later on myself, i just
wanted to say what i had to feal. bye.

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