Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-11-16 00:06:25 (UTC)

Premeditated Suicide - Part 1

Man, I kill myself.

I go out with the intention of filling out applications
around town, and on the way to the one-stop career shop, a
wave of nausea and infinite tiredness engulfed me. I lost
sight of the road as my vision blackened and I viewed a
recording in my minds eye of the last time I visited that
place. "Can I help you? Can I help you?" Uh, no, not
really. Well, actually, I'm having trouble figuring out
how to list the jobs on the computer. "Okay, grab a seat.
Well, no, not that one--that computer's broken. Okay, you
hit this key here to get to the main menu, and then this
key here to get to the next screen." Jeez, I've been
working with computers for seven years, and was a home
junkie before that for about ten years, and I had to be
tutored on how to use their system. My gosh, I was
starting to feel old...really old. Okay, figure out how to
use their computers, look through the gobs and gobs of jobs
that just might fit your qualifications, but not really, so
you discard them. After about five minutes of intense
searching and reading and weighing, you got about 4 numbers
written down. Two are local fulltime positions manning a
hotel somewhere on the beach, and the other two are the
good cushy ones programming computers with all the benefits
and the decent salary that I was used to with my previous