Blooded Kez

Thoughts of a crazy person
2001-11-16 00:05:37 (UTC)

People = shit

Ok, yes yes, third one today, but i feel i need to say
more...... more of a calm diary because im starting to feel
better after the last one.

"Well I can't ever really believe no one was sent to get me
And I feel like I'm being erased and no one got left here
I'm all alone no one was sent to get me,I'm all alone no
one got left here "

Realy describe how im feeling. Well today aint been that
bad to be honest, i may of gotten pissy at time, but no
major worrys. Ive been playing my guitar alot today, i feel
i can realy express myself thru it...dumb huh?

err.. fuckin money has gone down.. Im so fuckin broke
because ive had to pay for alcohol 2 nites in a row now and
like fuck...i didnt drink most of it.

Oh, as for the title.... its my views on the human race at
the moment... i think slipknot were pretty right wen they
thought of that..but then again they always are right.
UMMMMMMMMMMM what else to right, im kinda thirsty right
now, but i cant be assed to go downstairs... im fuckin
freezing i know that and im pretty bored, altho im gonna
watch a slipknot interview thing on tv soon. So i think
thats about it for tonite....toodles

Music - slipknot, kittie, deftones

Mood- pissy/calm

Drink - Jack Daniels.. (also milk)

Food - Crumpets