Pish posh
2001-11-15 23:29:48 (UTC)

Better than...

Good day. Good Good good. AP Euro, and
such...then...Princeton with Rob and Danny...Halo Pub "tiny
cone of mocha chip" and paying for my boyfriend. Wandering
around like the sketchy teenagers we are, getting looks
of "why the hell aren't you in school?" and knowing that we
are right and they are wrong. Finding Or Li, the judaica
shop, happy that it actually exists...barely studying for
math, knowing that it's my last math test in high school, a
banner day, I'd say. Rob's house, eating baby carrots with
Marie's Creamy Caesar, and disgusting half-scrambled eggs
that taste oh so good. Forgetting to roll up my window not
once, but twice. Getting back my pictures and finding out
that they came out well. Making our senior picture
page...manipulating Kim and Tina into compromising
positions. Writing senior quotes...and...just sitting in
the library. Fake Thanksgiving. A 70 degree Novemder day.
These fragments I have shored against my ruins.