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2001-03-25 21:08:32 (UTC)

I am so tired. I went to the..

I am so tired. I went to the club last night with Lisa. I
had so much fun. I was looking very nice. I had on a
black dress that I had never worn and a pair of new heels I
she had bought me for Las Vegas but never wore them
either. When she saw me she could not close her mouth(I
wanted that reaction). After there we went to the Casino
and I played my favorite game. I won almost $200.00 but I
played some back.
Lisa bumped into the lady that was with her mother
when she died. Her mother had stopped by her house because
she was having an asthma attack and died. Lisa mom had her
unopened medication in the car but the lady says she gave
it to her. It is a lot of discrepencies concerning her
mom's death. The lady was begging her for her mom's
identification so that she can purchase her a new car. Of
course, Lisa said no. Lisa was trying to discuss what had
happened with her mother but the lady had no emotions and
no feelings, I told Lisa to come and sit by me and keep me
company. The lady was very rude and would answer Lisa's
questions very cold hearted. She replied to Lisa very cold
with such things as "she did not get sick at my house she
died, your daddy did not care about your mother, and she
was dying and there must was some other medicine I used
She almost cried in the Casino. I gave her a hug and
a kiss and told her to keep me company. That lady was full
of it and she did not want anything but you mom's i.d. I
could tell it was still bothering her so we went to pick up
carry out and to her place. It was 5:00 in the morning by
the time we got to her house.
I enjoy spending time with Lisa when I can but she was
pressuring me to come over today and I just do not feel up
to it. She was giving me this guilt trip about how she is
lucky to see me once a week. I almost told her if she
would get a car, she would not have this problem. I did
not want to seem mean so I kept my smart remarks to myself.
When someone pressures me or think that thier opinion
is more valid than mine, I am just going to have to stick
to my guns. I will continue to try and train myself to not
be to soft with the people I care about.
Lisa is so dear to me and so I did call her to tell
her here I come despite all of the things I need to study
today but thankfully she was sleep.