Empty Canvas
2001-11-15 22:11:46 (UTC)

making art

chris is back in my life, somehow i am just pulled towards
him, it seems that i do love him, well he does want to
spend time with me, after he gets out of school for a
break....sheesh. OHOH i got family comign over for
thanksgiving, and i get to see my new baby nefew that was
just born! yahoo! HMM and i have to get chris his b-day
gift and a christmas gift, my only problem is i dont know
of a store that sells what i am gonna get him. My cat
scratched up my arm...sigh** hmm, oh i GOT A
JOB~yayayayayay! yipy yay! Its at TARget and it ays 7
dollars an hour, changes to 7.25 per hour after 30 days,
might be seasonal-might not (depends) for cashiering...yay.
Better then i could of hoped for, things were looking sad
for awhile, but i got lucky!