the ups and downs of my life
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2001-11-15 21:47:03 (UTC)

my kiitty is gone:(

i cant believe it she is really gone!!!it happened on
tuesday november 13, 2001 I cried so much during the past
few days but at least i can talk about it now w/ out
bursting out in tears which always happened during the past
few days. i petted her the night she died for about an hour
and she was crying b/c she was in pain. that night i
thought i felt her at the bottom of my be but it was just a
pile of clothes. my brothers dont even care she is gone
which breaks my heart. i loved her so much and she made my
life alot easier she would be there to talk to u and my mom
said we would never have a cat but she was so sweet we just
couldnt say no. she ws a stray for the longest time and we
would feed her once in a while. then after one yr or so we
finally let her come in. she would always stay in during the
winter but she loved the outdoors and when it was nice out u
can garentee she would try to get outside. i loved her!!
God i miss her sooo much! well on a lighter note i have
started bball and even thou i am sore i love it i just gott
to practice b/c this is my forst yr. practice is from 630
to 830 tonite so i should go and do my homework and take a
well ttyl